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In November of 2017, a group of about 24 selected students will start their minor organised by the Study Tour committee. The group is formed out of students from the University of Twente in Enschede, studying Industrial Engineering & Management (Technische Bedrijfskunde) and International Business Administration. During the minor, the students will do research on the subject supply chain, focussing mainly on innovation and sustainability within supply chain networks. Within the ten weeks during minor, the student will go abroad for about two weeks. The group will go to Shanghai, to visit several companies in the first one and a half week, and by means of that get a broader knowledge about our research topic. In the last few days the group will bring their knowledge into practise by working on a large supply chain case provided by a company.

To realize this trip, the committee is looking for possibilities to co-operate with companies in the Netherlands (or maybe even in Shanghai). We have several options to involve your company in our educational program (think of: advertisements, brand-empowerment, company cases, guest lectures etc.). For these different ways to co-operate, we formed a few sponsorship-packages, already starting from €300,-. Depending on the way your company wants to get involved with our students, we have different options with different prices, to get the best for both parties. Of course, as you wish, the committee can always customize particular packages.

Open the partnership file online (Dutch): Samenwerkingsplan studiereis - Universiteit Twente

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