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This year’s subject of the study tour was ‘Lean manufacturing in South Africa’. And the name says it all: South Africa was the destination. In preparation of the study tour, there was a course about how to do literature research and how to bring that into practice in a report. And of course, we also had several lectures regarding lean. We learned about the different lean methods and tools and did several workshops to get “hands-on” with lean. At the end of our 6-weeks of preparations, we delivered a very good report about lean, and all the 27 students earned themselves the first (of three) certificate within lean: the lean yellow belt! After these 6 weeks of preparations and armed with our lean-certificate, we flew to Johannesburg. Some people used their Christmas break to spend some extra time in South Africa, and others joined in the new year. The first week was spent in Johannesburg, and after that, we travelled to Cape Town to stay there for another week. We visited different companies every day and had some very good insights for ourselves, as well as for the companies. At every company, we conducted an interview about lean, which was worked out at the end of every day. After two weeks, we gained a lot of new insights and went back to the Netherlands, to spend our last week finishing our report. All in all, we had an amazing tour and learned a lot. Everybody looked back on it as a once in a lifetime experience and felt blessed to be part of this year’s tour.

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