Day 4: Lingang

This morning, we were used to the routine of having breakfast before seven o’clock. Today we went to Lingang Fexiang Park, an innovation centre in the South-East region of Shanghai. We were welcomed by Eddie Viskaal, the General Manager, and Irene Dai, the Supply Chain Manager of BE Forging. Also, one of the governmental representatives of Lingang Fexiang was present to give a presentation about the innovative focus of the park and its development. In Lingang, they are building a new town around the high-tech companies that will include housing for the people who work there, shopping centres, universities, schools and leisure places in order to create a high life quality. It was really impressive to see the rapid growth of this business park / city that they are building in just 10 years of time.

One of the companies that is located in the Lingang Fexiang Park is SANY. SANY is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy machinery. We started with a tour around their exhibition where a huge transformer made from heavy machinery parts was standing. After that, we had a tour around their production lines of the 200 ton cranes and bulldozers. It was really satisfying to see how the production lines were perfectly working together, switching to the next station every 10 minutes. Lastly, we watched a movie about their company. We were impressed by how green it is inside the company. They have palm trees, flowers and placed where the employees can sit during their breaks.

After the visit to SANY, we went to a producer of small automotive parts, named Bontaz Group. Here we saw the assembly and testing process of different well-known car brands.

Around noon, Eddie and Irene organized a lunch, with several Chinese dishes. After this delicious lunch, we went to BE Forging. When we walked in the building of BE Forging we were very surprised to see an empty production facility. This Dutch-owned company, is just in the process of setting up a production location in China. They shared their reasons and considerations for opening the location in this part of Shanghai and the challenges of expanding to China.

In the 2-hour bus ride back to the hotel, we processed our findings of the day.

Xièxie and bàibài!

(Thanks and bye bye!)


Day 4


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