Day 3: CHINT

We started the day with an early breakfast once again, because we had to leave at half past seven. The bus transported us to the south of Shanghai for our visit to the company CHINT.

CHINT is the market leader in Industrial Electrics in Asia. When we arrived at the company we first had to put on helmets and some protection for our shoes before we had a tour around the high voltage transformer production site. After we visited the production plant, we drove back to their head office building where we walked through an exhibition of the different components and products that CHINT produces. During this tour we saw a impressive video about CHINT’s core values and achievements.

After the tour we went to the board room where Jasmine Ji, the director of Global Business Service, gave a presentation about some key facts and figures of CHINT. The company is always pushing innovations and has therefore a turnover of 40 billion RMB in 2016, which is a growth of 25 percent compared to 2015.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to ask some questions about their innovative culture and we conducted our prepared interview. Happily that we were able to ask all our questions, we ended the company visit with a lunch accompanied by some of the company representatives in their lunchroom.

Overall we had a very interesting visit. We were really impressed to visit such a large company. It is one of the largest companies that we are going to visit during this study tour.

When we got home from the visit, we were hungry from the long bus ride and ready to go for dinner with the whole group. We dined close to the Bund and finished off the evening with a drink at a close by sky bar where we enjoyed a beautiful view over the bright skyline of Shanghai by night.

Zàijiàn and see you tomorrow!

Day 3

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