Day 11: CEVA Logistics

Today we went to CEVA logistics, a leading logistics company which serves 160 countries worldwide. We planned to leave to the subway at eight o’ clock. Even tough everyone is quite used to getting up early, the jam at the hotel elevators makes it a challenge to be on time every day. In the subway, it became clear that getting in the same train with 25 people during Shanghai rush hour is a hard task. Luckily, we had planned some extra time for the travel and we were on time at our destination, CEVA logistics head office in China.

After being warmly welcomed, we got an inspiring speech of CEVA logistics chief executive president Torben Bengtsson. He told us about his career and the challenges and opportunities the logistics sector faces in China. After the welcoming speech, we had interesting presentations about what CEVA does and a tool CEVA is creating, called Carbondex. The tool makes it possible to calculate the carbon emission of different airlines, based on the characteristics and age of their fleet. When this tool will be implemented in the future, the carbon emission of a freighter can be taken into account when CEVA and their customer are choosing a freighter for a shipment. At the moment, this choice is mainly based on factors as price and delivery speed.

After a delicious lunch, we went off to the location of CEVA close to Pudong airport. Here, CEVA has an office and warehouse, in which they handle air freight. We had interesting presentations about the handling of air cargo and we had a tour around the warehouse. The bus, arranged by CEVA, dropped us at the subway station. From this station also the high-speed Maglev train is leaving, and some curious people wanted to try this magnetic levitation train and travelled at above 430 km/h.

In the evening, we worked out our findings of today and prepared ourselves for already the last company visit of this study tour. Tomorrow we are heading to Suzhou, to visit Faurecia.

Day 11

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