Day 10: DB Schenker

Today we had a relaxing start to the day. The bus departed at 8:45 to the Baoshan district where we had the visit to one of DB Schenkers’ warehouses. It was quite a search between all warehouses, but after some phone calls, we were received by our host Mr. Yang Fei.

We started the visit with a presentation by Ms. Selina Wang, who told us something about DB Schenker in general and in China-specific.  She showed us some slides with impressive numbers and the future goals of DB Schenker. Next to that, she gave us valuable information for our research.

The next presentation was given by Ms. Ashley Wang, who told us a very interesting story about ‘China behind the wall’ and the future of China. She told us something about the consumption transition what is happing in China because of the one-child policy they had in the past. China is very far ahead with mobile payments in comparison with Europe. Ms. Wang showed us that the mobile payment value of China is 88x times higher than that of Europe. Lastly, she showed us the China of 2018, which will have a slower rate of growth, but the quality will increase.

Then we had a presentation by Mr. Robert. He showed us some of the 300 sensors DB Schenker is using and how they are working. For example, he could unlock a smart lock everywhere in China when the cargo needed to be checked, through an app. Next to that, he showed us some smart e-solutions on warehouse innovations regarding the administrative work and that computers already do some of the computer work instead of people. The data which they gather is key for new improvements in the future.

After these three presentations, we enjoyed a delicious Chinese lunch where we discussed the interesting and inspiring presentations of the morning. After the lunch, it was time for the presentation by Mr. Marcus. He told us about the very ambitious and interesting project of ‘One belt, one road’ by which China wants to be connected to Europe through railway. A project of huge scale which, China hopes, will bring the old Silk Road back. Mr. Marcus told us about the many possibilities and challenges this long railway connection has to offer.

Next on the schedule was a warehouse tour through the daily operations. Here we could see how the warehouse was working and how the different kind of products where stored and handled. We ended the day with a presentation given by Ms. Kate, the supply chain manager of the company Epson. She showed us how Epson is trying to be as innovative as possible. At the end of the presentation, we had some discussions and shared our ideas on several topics.

Again, we experienced the real traffic jam of Shanghai on the road back to the hotel. We ended the day with a nice dinner together with Ivan Remijn from the consulate at the 5th best restaurant of Shanghai, called ‘Lost Heaven’.

Day 10

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