The Study Tour committee consists of four motivated bachelor students from the studies Industrial Engineering & Management and International Business Administration. We are thrilled to organize this trip and setting the standard high for next editions to come!

Tim van Benthem

Chairman & External affairs coordinator

My name is Tim van Benthem, 20 years old and I am currently in my second year of the bachelor study 'Industrial Engineering & Management'. Within the organization of the study tour, we work with double functions. My functions are Chairman and External affairs coordinator. This involves gathering sponsorships and partners in The Netherlands, building the website, making schedules, having a clear overview and being the end resposible person for the study tour. I joined the study tour committee because I think that this will be a challenging experience in a complete different way, which I couldn’t experience anywhere else. Besides my study and the study tour committee, I also work as a student teaching assistant at the University of Twente. Furthermore, I am having my own company called Timport, which is one of the largest powerbank selling companies in the BeNeLux.


Maarten Wijnands

Foreign affairs coordinator & Treasurer

Hello! Yes that’s me, Maarten Wijnands and currently a second year bachelor Industrial Engineering & Management student. Within the organization of the study tour I fulfil the functions of Foreign Affairs coordinator & Treasurer. This involves maintaining all the contact, from the beginning to the end, with the companies we are going to visit abroad. This includes being the face of Study Tour to the companies abroad, so being polite and being clear in the communication is a must for me. As Treasurer I help Tom keeping an eye on the budget. With organising the study tour I hope to apply several things I have learned so far in my study in practice. I am curious which total different and challenging experiences the committee and I will encounter! Besides my study and organising the study tour I like to play hockey at Drienerlo and every Wednesday evening I am in the city with my association Cnødde. After organising the study tour I want to do my bachelor assignment abroad as well. We will see each other on the study tour!

Laura Frank

Travel & Research coordinator

My name is Laura Frank, 20 years old and I am currently in my second years of the bachelor study ‘International Business Administration’. My functions within the committee are research and travel coordinator. This involves working out the subject and research questions that we are going to work on during the module. Next to that I organize the travel aspect of the study tour from tickets to accommodation to culture. I joined the study tour committee because I want to improve my organising skills and also to challenge myself with something that is new to me. Next to my study and the committe I like to do sports like hockey and fitness, baking and cooking, as well as meeting up with friends.


Tom Weustink

Research coordinator & Treasurer

I am Tom Weustink and I am currently a second year student Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente. I live in Denekamp, a village close to Enschede. I think it’s important to develop myself besides my study, then only the knowledge I learn during my study. Organising the study tour gave me this opportunity to get in contact with different cultures and countries. Furthermore, I think it’s interesting to gain more experience how companies work in foreign countries. Within the study tour, I fulfil the function of treasurer & research coordinator. I am responsible for all the money during the tour and all activities involving the research, like the subject, questions and searching for teachers. I hope to see you on the Study tour!





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